A few images of Heifer Uganda (just to whet your appetite)…

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9 thoughts on “A few images of Heifer Uganda (just to whet your appetite)…

  1. Thanks for taking us along! I’m looking forward to learning about each destination. Next best thing to going – your photos and comments bring things to life.

    • Thanks, Jane … more than anything, I’m trying to bring these people’s stories to life, so I am really happy you are coming along for the journey. It’s going to be quite a ride!!

  2. Deb Morrow Palmer

    Once again a wonderful read and it is good to know these programs are working. Where are yo going in Guatemala and how long will you be there? My daughter leaves 2/3 for Guatemala to visit her family and friends there.

    • I’ll be in Guatemala from January 22 -30 so I’ll probably miss her (darn it!) I don’t have my itinerary yet, but I think I’ll be going to the eastern part of the country, where I’ve never been, and maybe to the north. Can’t WAIT as I love Guatemala and always love being with those beautiful Mayan people!

      • Deb Morrow Palmer

        She will be in San Marcos area which is I think more NW. A very beautiful people. I am so envious of your ventures this year, and look forward to reading about it!

  3. kimberly ferrari

    Dear Betty,
    You are an amazing woman, and so full of energy and courage! It takes someone like you — with such hope and passion for a better world — to venture into the remote regions of the world, to bring these stories to life, and share the Heifer vision of a world free of hunger and poverty. Thank you for your effort, courage, and your storytelling verve!

    • Kimberly — you better be coming along on some of these ventures with me, honey! I am so jazzed I cannot tell you — and I promise, I’ll do everything I can to bring these beautiful people I’m meeting to life so everybody here can see what I’m seeing, and learn everything they have to teach us about real courage, resilience, determination and spirit. xoxoxo B

  4. Anonymous

    Yea – so excited for you – and for those of us getting to experience these countries through your eyes. Thank you Betty for sharing the love! Ivette

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