Haiti Re-Mix.

family (As a graduate of UMass and with two sisters still living there, my heart goes out to Boston and to ALL those whose family members were hurt.) Okay, I know it’s April– which means I’m a tiny bit behind in my Remix intention to go back and feature some of my favorite (never-seen-before!) photos from each of the countries I visited for Heifer International last year.old & new

But whenever I start going through my photos, I get completely lost in the glorious faces whose stories I remember so well.woman in red

I remember being scared to go to Haiti — afraid the poverty and desperation in the aftermath of the 2010 hurricane would still be overwhelming.PAP

Well, there were still tents up and houses in ruins (although most are gone now). But instead of buying the heartless line you hear so often: “Oh, Haiti is always recovering from one disaster or another,”  I found myself head-over-heels in love with the people of Haiti.Ivoire child

The way they walk with such pride and grace. carrying

The way they will do anything to get their children an education. schoolboys!

The way the children walk out of murky, dirt-caked slums looking as clean and tidy as little angels…sweet girl

… and people work & work & work, with a determination and optimism that is remarkable to behold. Commute

To say the people of Haiti embody resilience, dignity, strength and perseverance is an understatement.dapper

Even the land, which is admittedly largely deforested, is still beautiful.

On the road to Saint RaphaelI can’t wait to go back and see what Heifer has been doing there! Pierre Ferrari, Heifer’s CEO, just visited some projects with President Bill Clinton and he reports the big goat-breeding operations are really going strong (and god knows, Bill loves to talk about breeding). good goat

I miss Haiti. boyBut if you missed the whole shebang last February, you can still read all my blogs on Haiti by clicking on the links below.old man

I’ll leave you with a Haitian saying which, oddly, was one of my Mom’s favorites, too.firebrigade

Men anpil chay pa lou. (Many hands make the load lighter.) two boys

Let’s hope so!


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9 thoughts on “Haiti Re-Mix.

  1. Amanda

    Photos are always stunning. Glad to have an opportunity to revisit through your eyes. The determination, perseverance. and work ethic of the Haitian people is so amazingly uplifting.

    • Amanda, SO happy you love the photos — I just couldn’t wait to show more of the country & people. Hey, give me a holler…I’m dying to catch up!

  2. Deb Morrow Palmer

    Thanks Betty! I love your photos also!!

  3. Good thing for Twitter because I saw your tweet this morning to this Heifer12x12 remix post. I had gone back to leaving What Gives 365 on my favorites bar, assuming this blog was done. Silly me, I should’a known better. Now I have two, two two Betty blogs on my favorites bar.

    Do you have any knowledge of how much of the millions raised by Clinton for the Haitian people after the hurricane has been allocated – and how? How does it get to the hands of the homeowners? The schools? Clinton did such an amazing job energizing resources there.

    Wonderful and uplifting photos. Thanks.

    • Just like Doublemint gum — two blogs in one favorites bar!! So happy to be back in the Heifer 12 x12 camp (the format for photos is a lot better than WhatGives … ) and yeah, I just couldn’t give it up & since people were still subscribing, I felt like I needed to give them new stuff! I don’t know how the money allocated by the CGI to Haiti is allocated, in fact, I’m not sure Clinton raised money for Haiti for his own foundation. The two biggest recipients of donations after the hurricane were Red Cross and Partners in Health. The emergency relief funds were all spent on tents, food, water, removal of debris, shelter, etc — with half a million people homeless it was a huge job — but international development aid is still ongoing. If there was one change I’d make in Haiti it would be to make the schools all truly free — instead of requiring parents to pay for books, uniforms, materials, etc. Haitians passionately believe in and invest in their children’s education but they also have big families and it is an incredible financial burden — what better thing to invest in than in education??

  4. Psayerhandley

    Betty, Your pictures are wonderful. I am going on a Heifer tour in Equador in August . What type of camera did you use ?would you recommend it? Pat Heifer volunteer

    Sent from my iPhone

    • Hi Pat!!! Oh, you will have a wonderful time in Ecuador in August — check out my December blogs from there and hopefully you’ll get to go to some of the same places!! I use a Canon T2i camera with a Tamron 18-270 lens. I LOVE that lens because it lets me get close-ups without being on top of people … and it fits in a small camera bag, too! So happy you are following my blog!

  5. We are busy getting ready for Ecuador. We move in two weeks. But when I saw “Haiti” I had to stop by. Lord, I miss that little island. Thanks for the lovely photos, my friend. Sorry to have been so preoccupied in recent days. I’ve missed your posts.

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