Re-Namaste Nepal!

sun doors After the rather cold, gray monotony of China’s cities, going to Nepal was like stumbling out into a blaze of riotous sunshine.storefrontI was pretty cranky that I didn’t get to make my planned trip to Tibet (no way is China giving a visa to a western blogger), but it’s hard to hold onto a grudge in Kathmandu. doorBecause of its decades of tourism with trekkers, Kathmandu can seem almost western in its food, shopping and pursuits of pleasure, but right outside the city (and even inside) the essential Nepal comes clearly into view. street lifeFrom the indomitable women who have been working Heifer International programs for the last 25 years and bringing entire communities of powerless wives into economic security…new water buffaloTo the caste system of untouchables who are likewise being included in Heifer projects and given a chance to succeed…

Beautiful Chepang girl, from an untouchable caste.

Beautiful Chepang girl, from an untouchable caste.

To the Hindu temples where cremations take place along the river (with biers divided along caste lines– even after death)..

A fancy sandalwood bier for the Brahmin class

A fancy sandalwood bier for the Brahmin class only.

..and milk is poured down in sacrifice to one of the 44,000 gods.milkNepal boasts all the majesty and mystery of the Himalayans hovering in the distance…

Yup, that's Everest!

Yup, that’s Everest!

…but still struggles with poverty, hunger, a chaotic communist regime, and a highly stratified society. Chepang childAnd yet, Nepal is one of the most lovely, likeable, unforgettable countries I pond

A Heifer veterinarian

A Heifer veterinarian


Rice fieldI want to go back: to walk the Annapurna circuit, to meet more of the women who so inspired me…

A woman in the cooperative at Shaktikor.

A woman in the cooperative at Shatkikohr.

…and to see more of the work Heifer is doing in this intriguing country.

That's some heifer!

That’s some heifer!

Plus, there are a few folks I need to say Namaste to. covered smileFor more Nepal & more Namaste, click on the posts below:

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23 thoughts on “Re-Namaste Nepal!

  1. Nepal is one of the places I’ve always wanted to visit! It looks so beautiful and rich in culture.

  2. Mary Yee

    Beautiful, Betty! I spent a summer in Nepal in 1982 as an intern. Your photos really bring back good memories. Thank you.

  3. Phyllis Abramson

    Hi Betty,

    Love getting your 12×12 posts and am a real fan of the Heifer program.

    My good friends Bonnie O”Neill and Patty Ross speak so glowingly about you that I hope to have a chance to meet you in the not to distant future.

    Happy Journeys,

    Phyllis Abramson

  4. great, great photos, as usual. Thanks, Betty, for all you do and all you are.

  5. May I echo Pattiebaker and say thank you for your intelligence and compassion and moving photography of the countries you visited with Heifer.

  6. The Annapurna Circuit is fabidoodle. Don’t underestimate the Turong La Pass like I did…

    • Oh, I’ll have to check that out! Not sure my knees would make it but I just want to get closer to those incredible Himalayas while I’m still on this planet!

  7. Nepal is by far one of my most favorite places too. I loved the Annapurna trek and would do it again in a heartbeat. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos!

    • You and Chris B should cmopare notes!! I love your photo so much, TEM .. it always reminds me of how much I’d love to be there!!

      • Who is Chris B? Is that another blogger? I will have to check him/her out. I fell in love with Nepal. That is why I started my blog. I will go back someday. I really want to also go to Tibet. That is on my list too as I’d love to hike there and see the culture. Maybe I wouldn’t get in though given my liberal views! 🙂

  8. Can’t hardly read your text on the “linen” background! Fabulous photos though! Thanks!

  9. Beautiful photos and stories – can’t hardly read your text on this “linen” background” though…
    Thanks for your work and for sharing!

    • jaybob46

      oh, now that I’m logged in the background has changed to plain – alright!

    • Hmmm… that’s weird as the linen background should only appear around the edges. Are you reading it on a tablet or what?? Hmmm.. oops! just read your next comment! Glad it’s resolved!

  10. An amazing read. I am going to Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan next April. Your photos and stories are inspirational and i just can not waite to i get there. Thankyou.

    • You will LOVE it! I’m kind of jealous but maybe I’ll be going back to revisit next year … and our paths will cross?? Best of all travels — and I sure hope you get into Tibet!!!

  11. Anonymous

    wonderful more photos and information- just wonderful. So many Nepalese in Himachal Pradesh, India, where I have been visiting every few years for the past 20 or so . So many snapshots like this. Glad you want to go back. I can’t get enough of the strong women in both India and Nepal. Keep the blog going- you inspire us all.
    Louise Berry Monterey CA

    • Thank you once again, Louise — I know how much you love & care for the women of Nepal & India (along with your beautiful daughter) — so I am touched by this comment!!

  12. Goodness, Betty, this images are amazing–especially the faces of the two women wearing red! I’d love to visit Negal or China. Sara has worked in the latter, but I’ve never been. By the way, the lantern photo looks like so many scenes from Hanoi’s Old Quarter.

    Sara and I have finally moved into our long-term rental here in Ecuador, and furniture arrived over the weekend. Now we have some place to sit. Maybe that means I’ll be able to write again.

    Any chance you’ll make it back to Ecuador any time soon. We’d love to have you stay with us, if you come to Cuenca. We have two guest rooms!


    • Kathryn — SO happy you are settling in and hope you LOVE Cuenca!! I adore Ecuador and I am quite sure you’ll find many people who are delighted to be your new neighbors — especially with all your crafts and art and love of culture!! If I get back there (and I’m sure I will soon) — I will definitely look you up! Good luck with your book on your dad & know we all miss you & love you here in the USA!!!

  13. Great photos, thanks for sharing!

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