In my last blog, What Gives 365, I used a brand new g-mail account in this Contact section, so I could separate my blog mail from my regular mail.

Big mistake, because:

a) There is no separation. b) I never checked my g-mail.


So if you need to get in touch with me, here’s my info:

As long as I’m in this internet-infested country, I’ll get back to you right away. If I’m internet-free and somewhere in Nepal or Malawi, I’ll get back atcha as soon as my fingers touch the keys again.


37 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Lucy

    What a wonderful mission and interesting year you have in front of you…Can’t wait to come along for the ride. Thanks for sharing with the rest of us!

    • Lucy — I am so happy you’re in! Stay tuned, it really IS going to be amazing!!

      • Anonymous

        hi betty londergan, i suddenly found your blog, AND YOU HAD PICTURES OF MY MOTHER happy ,that you like and value my country

  2. pat

    So interesting to learn about pigs and the woman whose life was changed by a heifer piglet. I’ll be following closely. What a wonderful year! Pat

  3. amy

    I’d be very interested in knowing about using solar cookers in these countries…..

    • I’ll be on the lookout for that — I do know Heifer teaches all the beneficiaries to build clay energy cookers that are super efficient (only requiring one piece of wood instead of four) .. and they cook faster. Because they can make them with existing, readily available materials, it’s a very practical way to cut down on deforestation and reduce the time spent collecting wood. One thing I really noticed in Guatemala is how much they’re attached to wood fires because of the unique taste it imparts to the tortillas which they literally eat all day long. Those habits are really hard to break … I’ll let you know what I find!!

  4. Anonymous

    With solar they use a silver screen, like aluminum foil, aim it at a black pot, and go for it. They don’t need any wood. They can sterilize water, cook beans and rice or stew—-I keep wanting to try it. Amy

    • Hi Anon — yes, I wrote about solar cookers at What Gives 365, and featured a couple of my favorite solar foundations (including Solar Electric Light Fund) — and when I was on Martha Stewart, a big contingent of folks from the United Nations presented their solar cooker to Martha and that was pretty cool. They are expensive to buy, but cheap over time — if you get my drift. Love your interest in it!!



    • Hi Fortune! Well, I would use any excuse to come to Africa, so that’s certainly not a problem. I know that Nigeria is a huge country with a huge impact on all of Africa — but I’m not sure if Heifer has projects there. Let me check.. I wish you all the best & thanks for loving your own country so much — and commenting!

  6. Margaret


    Your posts are just great and I have learned so much from every one of them. Great idea excellently implemented. I hope teachers know about your project because it is an excellent teaching tool.

    • I hope teachers will find a way to include some of my posts, too – I think they could be a good way to teach both geography, history and an appreciation for other cultures … and how linked we all are to each other… THANKS, Margaret!!

  7. Great adventure for a great cause, thank you so much for sharing your travels and experiences.

  8. Two quick thoughts on first visiting your site:

    This is such an interesting journey, that I wanted to share it with others through my facebook account. Is it possible to have a facebook link somewhere to make this easier?

    Also, because through raising awareness this blog becomes a major fundraiser, can you make it easy for people in the first flush of enthusiasm to donate without having to go to the Heifer site?

    • Hi Tricia!! Just wanted to let you know that you can link through Heifer 12 x 12 on facebook … if you “Like” that page, I believe notification of my new posts will appear on your facebook but I’ll check with the Heifer social networking geniuses, to be sure.
      AND .. if anyone in the first flush (or multiple flushes) of enthusiasm would like to donate to Heifer, they can click right on the Team Heifer widget on my blog and it’ll take you directly to a donation site … PLUS, that also makes me look good with the Heifer people so … YEAH!! Let’s do it!! Thanks so much for your enthusiasm and good thoughts!

  9. Just put up your piece on Abe valentin – thank you – on SARNISSA African Aquaculture Network also on Facebook!/pages/Sarnissa-Sustainable-Aquaculture-Research-Networks-for-Sub-Saharan-Africa/193723127373 and on our regular SARNISSA email forum – We now have over 2000 regd members from all over Africa and internationally – with francophone section also with their own email forum . SARNISSA shares information and contacts across a wide range of people across borders and languages and is involved in developing aquaculture commercially (nomatter the scale) across Africa as a business rather than the proven unsustainable charity, hand out , donor – rather than investor – approach which clearly hasnt worked . Abe’s work is a great example for other Africans – we also have close links with Auburn – I would be grateful if you could disseminate out our SARNISSA details and contacts to any interested persons or organisations – Best wishes Will Leschen Inst of Aquaculture Univ of Stirling UK

  10. Anonymous

    Here I sit at my sister’s kitchen table, having gone “home” for Passover – the three of us are pouring over your journey of the past two years and they are SOOOOOO PROUD of you!
    I’m coming!
    I love you.

    • Darling Joy — As my very best friend in college and lifelong sister, you made my day!! I’m SO thrilled that you and your sister like the blog … you need to come with me somewhere along the year’s journey … what an experience it is!!

  11. marlandphotos

    I am now 63 years old and living in Bangladesh. I remember in grade school doing a report on Peru. I had an article in the National Geographic for some information, etc. I was intrigued by this country but have not had a chance to visit. The only llamas I have seen are in zoos and those raised by exotic animal dealers! I enjoyed your photos.

    • Dear Marland, I know that you would love Peru .. it’s a spectacularly beautiful country and the people are just remarkable .. not to mention the alpaca, vicuna, and llamas!! I couldn’t believe how gorgeous the llamas in Pasco were — over 9 feet tall and so proud of themselves.. it was really fun to see! I’m so happy you liked my photos … good luck with your teaching in Bangladesh!!!

  12. Zawadi Nkulikwa

    I am Tanzania teaching, it such a wonderful way to hear what are doing, keep on and move. Some people do not see people when they go around the world, they see poverty, hunger, and the trouble, but you, you see people and their life. Politician associate with politician for their own gain and for they are interest but you, your interested with people, that is wonderful. All the best.

    • Zawadi — What a beautiful note! I am so touched by your note, especially since TEACHERS are some of my favorite people who give more and impact more than almost anybody else! I have loved this journey and consider it the best possible travel experience EVER since I get to meet the people & learn about their lives … and that is what Heifer is really all about… trying to improve people’s lives in a meaningful and long-term way through the gift of animals. I am SO happy you are along for the journey!!

  13. Zawadi Nkulikwa

    Dear Betty- It is great to have a dream and be able to fulfill it, it is in this regards I give you big up. For many years I have a dream to start a school that we nurture the mind of many children, focus on true knowledge, not just a education that starts with words and end up with words. Even if I die without accomplishing this dream, I hope one will arise to put in action. You get time welcome to Tanzania, visits ngorongoro, Kilimanjaro and Serengeti. The gist of all this keep on moving.

  14. Thanks so much for your comment, Zawadi — hope to get to Tanzania some day — it’s definitely on my Wish List!! CHEERS, b

  15. Beth

    Betty…am so enjoying reading your blog and seeing the gorgeous pictures! I am so struck today by how lucky you are to see the beautiful diversity in our world…one country at a time. All of the people that you have shared in the photos are fantastic…and each unique in appearance and tradition and language. What a wonderful gift to see how all of these different people and cultures are being well served in a common way and experiencing success. Wonderful! Beth

  16. Beth! I am so happy that you like the blog, and I completely agree — I am SO SO lucky to be seeing the world through such a unique and powerful filter. I fall in love with each country I visit — particularly the people — and can’t wait to tell their stories and show their pictures…. We are all one family, truly, and it’s been a tremendous privilege to see these Heifer projects and the transformative work being done!

  17. Hi – thanks for the highly enjoyable reads, and congrats; you’ve been nominated in the Adventurous Blogger Award.- please follow instructions on my posting to complete award, thanks.

    • Dear Euan —

      I am so honored — but despite the fact that I’ve found an awesome pair of earrings I want to buy from you, “The Awakening” … I can’t find where I am supposed to find my Adventure Blogger Award. No problem, but I just wanted you to know that I’m honored that you felt I was worthy, and I didn’t want you to think that I hadn’t tried to respond!!

      ALL the best,


      Betty Londergan 2702 Mabry Rd. NE Atlanta, GA 30319 (610-348-9279)

  18. Betty,
    We’ve seen a lot of pictures of food. Makes me hungry every time! What are the chances your giving us a blog on how to prepare some of these things?

    • Oh, Greg – that is not really my specialty — however! if you do want a few real recipes, you need to go to my “What I Cooked in Malawi” post … then you’ll see me in action!!!! Happy 2013!

  19. I looked forward to every new post! Your photographs captured the common joy of your subjects. Thank you for introducing us to the wonderful work of Heifer around the world. My son had the opportunity this summer to travel throughout the Philippines with Heifer as part of his grad school program with the Clinton School of Public Service.

  20. Wow, Myra — what a great job your son must have had! I love the Clinton School of Public Service (it’s a stone’s throw from Heifer headquarters where we’ve visited) … and that must have really been a life-changing experience for him! I am so grateful for this journey and the opportunity to see so much of the developing world .. .now all I want to do is see more!!! Happy 2013 & thanks for commenting!!!

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