The Countries

Wow! What a line-up, right?? I’m so psyched, it’s not to be believed, but first let’s settle down to a few caveats about where I’m going and when.

Because these 12 trips involve the concerted work of a lot of Heifer people (who already have a boatload of responsibilities running the programs in country), and because life happens…my year-long itinerary is a work in progress and may change over time. So if you previously saw a country here that has now disappeared, you are not hallucinating; you’re going with the flow.

I hope you’re cool with that. I certainly am– in fact, I love enormous changes at the last minute. And since there is almost nowhere on earth that I don’t want to go, when I say it’s all good, I actually mean it.

Please click on the highlighted countries to see the cities and Heifer programs I’ve been to… and the related blogs about those countries, if you’ve missed some of this journey.

And if by any chance you’ll be where I’ll be along the way of this year of intentional wandering, please get in touch and let’s try to visit a few Heifer projects together, have a cocktail, and share our stories!


2 thoughts on “The Countries

  1. Meredith

    Ready to go? will be exciting and humbling at the same time

  2. Wow, what a creative idea and an amazing tagline. 12 countries in 12 months in 2012? Genius.

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