Welcome Aboard!

Although this blog won’t officially start until January 1, 2012, if you happen to wander in, pull up a subscription and climb aboard. It’s going to be a wild, wonderful ride through the world of Heifer International!

Webale!! (or “Thank you”) as they say in Uganda.

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19 thoughts on “Welcome Aboard!

  1. Anita

    Betty, I have been a fan and supporter of Heifer International for several years now. They do amazing, wonderful, supportive work. I’m so happy and excited to be a part of your new blog. Best of luck to you and Heifer Int’l. in your new venture.

  2. Ramona

    Wow, this is something I would just LOVE to do myself! πŸ™‚ Looking forward to read your updates. Have a wonderful time, Betty!

    • Ramona – SO happy to hear from you! I think we’re kindred spirits – and wish you would meet me somewhere along the road!
      ALL the best in 2012!!!

  3. I loved every day of What Gives 365 and am over the moon that you are doing this with Heifer International…The concept is brilliant and you are such a choice to share it with so many….Looking forward to following your adventures πŸ™‚

    • Thanks SO much Charmaine — I am so happy to be on the road with Heifer (soon) and I can’t wait to bring you along with me!! Happy New Year!

  4. Anonymous

    Hi Betty, Welcome to Heifer world, I know the whole journey will be dazzling. we are thrilled to have you with us.

  5. anon

    i am having a hard time reading the typeface in this blog theme. it seems half-broken. maybe it’s just me?

  6. So sorry, Anon — are you using an iphone, computer or pad to view the post? Hope nobody else is having this problem!! Thanks for the alert!

  7. anon

    I’m using a regular laptop. It’s a beautiful website otherwise and I love the new logo and the photos so it won’t stop me from visiting.


    What a wonderful year it is going to be for you, for Heifer and all of us who live vicariously through your exploits!

    I’m predicting a surge in Heifer sponsorship due to your unmitigated enthusiasm in supporting their important work throughout the world! The website looks great.

    April is a perfect time to be going to Nepal too so kudos to whomever planned your itinerary. You’ll be there in a transition month before monsoon season starts (which makes seeing the mountain ranges impossible due to rain clouds). The Himals are so incredibly large, when you see them initially, you’re going to think they ARE clouds! The rhododendrons will be in bloom all over the mountains….they are the size of large oak trees. I hope you get to see both the Terai as well as trek in the mountains (hopefully out of Pokhara) but anywhere will be SPLENDID!

    Btw, the Ducks WON the Rose Bowl πŸ˜€

    So happy and excited for your good fortune to have this adventure and create so much value with your time!


    • Susan — First of all, CONGRATS on the big Duck Victory in the Rose Bowl – yay!!! Second, I am thrilled to be going where your mom spent so much of her time & heart in Nepal … and also glad that it’s a good time of year to visit. I literally cannot believe I get to go there… and will follow your advice about trekking out of Pokhara if I can stay a bit longer (why not??) I’ll be back in touch so I can ask you about everything before I go … but I’ve got three countries to visit before then — how amazing this year will be?? LOVE your enthusiasm and commitment to supporting Heifer … and hope it’ll be a great year for gaining more support for their work around the world!!

      • ME daba cosa comentar . pero que buena excpalicif3n da ese muchacho de anteojos .y que buenmozo que es, se nota que es un gran tipo..AHH y me hubises avisado que era para esto, que me peinaba Muy bueno el post. Excelente lo que sacaste. Es como el REPRAP. gugleenlo si les dio intriga, no se van a desilucionar.

  9. All the best of luck, warmth and energy to support you on your incredible journey this year with Heifer International. Your new blog design is cool too.

    • Thanks SO much, Rufina — I really appreciate it .. and you can sing the praises of the fabulous Liz Meitus who designed my logo and helped me pull the whole thing together! I can’t wait to start my travels … THANKS for coming along!!

  10. Anonymous

    Betty – thank you for allowing us into your world! Thank you for being you…..and having the spirit and energy to do such good work for Heifer International! Ivette

  11. Betty, I’ve added your blogs to my links. It’s amazing what you’re doing and I wish you a wonderful and sfae journey. Thank you for making difference in the lives of others. It’s inspiring. The world needs more people like you.



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