Brooders brooding.

One thought on “Brooders

  1. LaMar W. HauckHi Betty!Quite interesting to say the least! This autlcuauqre project is such an efficient workforce development tool alongside a budding sustainable sustenance agricultural-industrial infrastructure that it makes me sick to know how sustainable energy opportunities for the rural population of Haiti to grow their own fuels, raise their own feeds, process and pack their own products is denied them by their governmental leaders. What is being done is a fantastic start but sooner hopefully more than later some agency or foundation must address head on the missing ingredients to autonomy, energy! Not one aspect of what these people need for success in this autlcuauqre venture comes without dependence on outside supplies, from the overpriced $450 cages, the 2K fish seed stock, the huge fuel costs delivering fingerlings, imported feed and finished fish to market. Processing and other value added services require dependence on the outside. Haiti has the capacity to grow a significant complement of their fuels just for the fisheries targeted! Fish feed is also produceable on-island, cages and transport systems can all be fabricated with their resourceful craft and skill sets at great savings with the ultimate capacity to produce a broader base of truly sustainable agriculture and industry. Hopefully other farmers will start fry and fingerling hatcheries on their own to become self sustaining and developing their own downstream customers as the existing hatchery is only capable of supporting 80 growers per year. The impact of that effort on the water quality, natural resources or energy resources needs to be monitored as adding 480K fish annually to any body of fresh water nutrifies that medium with nitrates measurably, and with fuel waste products hopefully negligibly.We would be delighted to help Haiti’s economic recovery with both the fuel energy demands of this emerging autlcuauqre initiative and also the feed crops required to support domestically that endeavor.I sincerely applaud every bit of the effort, yet please take seriously and kindly the dependence we need to immediately work out of the well intended process if we are to have true sustainability.Thank you for your consideration.Respectfully,LaMar W. Hauck, Proj. Eng.BioFuels and BioBased ProductsEnergy Alternatives Research CenterAlabama A&M UniversitySchool of AgricultureNormal, Alabama

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