Hi Betty

Muchos gracias, mes amigos…

2 thoughts on “Hi Betty

  1. Thanks Matt!Wow! Just took a look at your site and boy do I feel like LESS than a rookie! I can’t iminage riding those kind of miles that you mention in your blog amazing! For now, I’ll be very content with my measly 14-15 mile jaunt in to work at least that’s my goal for now. Some day I’ll set a goal for a 100 mile trek.Also Nice to hear from someone from back home (or at least close) I’m originally from the Marysvill/Yuba City area.Thanks for the comment!-KHD

    • As I’m not riding on a bike anywhere, I appreciate all your compliments and will take them undeservedly although I think they were meant for Matt? p.s. I love Yuba City! -Betty

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