Pasco City

2 thoughts on “Pasco City

  1. George Weaver

    Oh, Dear! Where is the un-like button. That whole concept makes me nervous. Mining is so awful. The side walls of the excavation make for an interesting “strata” image though.

    • It’s such a dilemma because Peru has SO many minerals and ming can be a real engine for growth (assuming that the wealth goes to the people, and not to corrupt government officials, or worse still, to foreign interests and companies that never reinvest in the community). Mining is never pretty– but it is necessary; it just has to be managed and overseen to keep its destructive ravages to a minimum. Peru has only had an environmental oversight agency for less than 10 years! One of the most important things that Heifer does is teach the indigenous people how to organize themselves, give them the confidence to speak up for their communities and their rights, and represent their own interests. This is critical, because that is the only way they can protect their land and water from degradation — and have a voice in what happens around them.

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