A little bon-bon for Mother’s Day

(With thanks/apologies to Cyndi Lauper for borrowing her beautiful song! And of course, you can click here to support Heifer and the moms it is helping all over the world!)

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19 thoughts on “A little bon-bon for Mother’s Day

  1. Catharine

    Oh I love this. Thank you for sharing. I posted to my FB page.

  2. THANKS, Catharine… it was really a labor of love since I’m kinda technology-challenged but I just HAD to use all my photos on this Highest of Holy Days! Happy happy MD!

  3. Vivian Martinez

    Wow absolutely wonderful work! I loved the video… no, I think you just fell out of the “Technology challenged” category hehe…

    I almost got teary eyed… how beautiful to see mothers from around the world with their children, fighting and strugling to make ends meet, all for their families…

    You have a wonderful Mother´s Day yourself this Sunday! We celebrated yesterday May 10th here in Guatemala…



    • Happy Mother’s Day to YOU, Vivian … so great to hear from you!! I got teary-eyed even after seeing this a hundred times, putting it together, so glad you felt the same way. Those faces are so inspiring to me! xoxoxo b

  4. Jeff

    Absolutely beautiful, both the sentiment and your wonderful photos, which so capture the subjects and the love in their hearts for their children. Happy Mother’s Day to you my dear friend! xoxo

    • Thanks, Jeff — I remember vividly each of the women & children I photographed, so I’m really HAPPY to have the chance to put them all together! Happy Sunday to you, dear friend …

  5. Martha Radatz

    Loved it! Thank you.

  6. Beautiful! Brava! Betty!

    You are a beautiful woman and your true colors shine in this little video. Thank you. I send my Happy MD greetings back to you dear friend.

  7. If this is “technology-challenged,” then what am I? No, don’t answer that question. I beg of you.

    Seriously, this is lovely, Betty. Happy Mother’s Day to you!


    • Well, I was SO eager to get it up, and then had to go through all my photos and then learn the program, so believe me… there was a fair bit of swearing going on! But I’m so happy I could share my photos for this special day … of these VERY special people! xooxoxox b

  8. Happy Mother’s Day Betty! A beautiful tribute to mothers around the world.

    • Thanks, Rufina ..aren’t they beautiful???

      • teresa hart

        Betty, they ARE, and I cried, not ashamed to say so. As good as a cold chocolate ice cream on a hot day or hot coco on a cold nite, oops, gave away my vices. I am so enjoying your trip, and grateful to be able to tag along from my couch. Women and mothers are lovely!

  9. I hope your video goes viral. Extraordinarily warm and giving, like you. We give to heifer every year but in your honor, and in memory of YOUR late mom, we clicked your link and gave some more.

    • DEAR EOSR… Now that made me cry all over again!! I really miss my mom, and on days like today I just can’t believe she’s been gone for 26 years. Please hug & kiss your OWN mom for me, as she’s been such a constant presence & source of inspiration for ME (as well as a beautiful connection with my mom) … and have a beautiful day!!!

  10. Betty, This is lovely.

    I miss my mom too, but I see her every day in the mirror, and I hear her, every time I chat up a random stranger in a shopping line.

  11. That’s for sure … my knees look like hers (albeit chubbier) and my collarbone … and my insane enthusiasm about stuff… yeah, we ARE our mothers! xoxoxo Sybil!!

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