Swastika & Star of David

The swastika is a Hindu symbol for prosperity, and the Star of David stands for knowledge – but what a juxtaposition to see this on an entrance gate!

5 thoughts on “Swastika & Star of David

  1. hi there…two questions

    where is this?
    and do you mind if I use this image in a wordblog…maybe…?
    (maybe … future considerations)



    • Hi Raphael,This photo was taken in Nepal and in the Hindu culture, the swastika stands for prosperity and the Star of David for knowledge. It was very jarring to see the two images together on this rural gate, but the Nazis obviously just stole the swastika for their own evil purposes…. sad that it brings up such horrible memories when it originally had such a totally different meaning! You may use this image but I would appreciate an attribution. THANKS!

  2. thanks Betty
    If I do use it, I will give you credit.


  3. Hi my name is Lia. This is really a beautiful photo! Is there copyright if I use this on website? Thank you! By the way, where in Nepal? xoxo Lia

    • Hi Lia — sorry for taking so long to reply! Yes, you may use it if you credit me as photographer.
      It was taken outside Kathmandu in Nepal … thanks!

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