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  1. Hello!

    Thanks for starting this blog on your experiences, in AFRICCA, especially your acquaintance with Cameroon: Kindly shed some light on these questions for me:

    1 Why is there no official policy regulating the use of one of the 275 indigenous languages spoken in Cameroon as official language?

    2. What’s your take on official bilingualism in Cameroon: Instrumental or Integrative?

    3. Camfranglais is an urban lingo spoken in Cameroon’s cities like Yaound√©, Douala, Bafoussam and so on. Is there is fundamental difference between CAMFRANGLAIS and CAMEROONIAN CREOLE?

    Many thanks for your responses!

    • Dear Peter, thanks for your comment. I have no idea about Cameroon’s policy on language but I do know that French and English are the official languages. I think that bilingual language makes a lot of things difficult and redundant — and children in school should learn the state language as soon as possible, to facilitate integration with the mass culture and assure them the same opportunities as others … while still respecting the language of the home and ethnic groups. It’s so expensive to offer everything in two (or more) languages and children are very adept at picking up a new language — so it’s my belief that while not discriminating against children speaking different languages, it’s most practical to have total immersion in the commonly accepted language. I don’t know if Camfranglais is different from Cameroonian Creole or not — I only heard it referred to as Camfranglais — and it’s very colorful!!

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