woman with savings book

3 thoughts on “woman with savings book

  1. I only came across the International Women’s Day last year .never heard of it beofre. Thanks to Twitter, my mini university last year, ha ha! Well you are one of those IW. I posted my grandmother to my facebook last year at the age of 100, as she had traveled the world sightseeing, so you are on your way .. a1nunn .her remark is priceless Thanks, I loooove these pics. BTW can I use one or rather share one with credits to an online journal for others to see? Let me know.

    • Yes, you may use the photo with credits — but please let me know when you do! THANKS!

    • Dear Avava, Sure you can use a few of my pictures, but I would appreciate you crediting me as the photographer! That would be wonderful — and I’m so happy that you enjoy these stories – and can share them with your fabulous grandmother!!!

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