Plums of Thsaghkavan

2 thoughts on “Plums of Thsaghkavan

  1. Gail McBride

    Betty, I really enjoy your photography! Have you considered making a calendar with a picture(s) for each area that you have visited? Proceeds could go to Heifer, and the rest of us would have a beautiful daily reminder of our travel experience through you! The more I think of it, maybe at least 2 pictures per month. (One of the people and one of the food or animals.)

    • Great idea, Gail == and thanks so much for your positive comment!! I do love my photos and have blown some up to sell at the Heifer Summit at OU this weekend — and they are GORGEOUS! I’m thinking that a calendar would be a beautiful thing — let me talk to the folks of Heifer about it!! You’re my inspiration!!!

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