It’s My Blog’s Day!

Last October, I proposed to Heifer International that I visit 12 countries in 12 months in 2012 to visit their projects around the world…. and they said yes!

Heifer 12 x 12 was born in January 2012, and today— 12/12/12 — I’m celebrating this journey of discovery & inspiration that is almost coming to an end. Thanks for coming along on this wild, joyful ride!!

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59 thoughts on “It’s My Blog’s Day!

  1. Meredith

    say it ain’t so, Betty!
    it’s been an uplifting trip, thank you
    Wishing you the best in your next endeavor (a sabbatical?)

  2. I’m sure your posts and the publicity and chatter generated has added to Heifer’s coffers ! Can’t wait to see what you’ll be up to next.

    You’re my hero Betty Londergan (best said in a voice like that guy from Ferris Bueller)

  3. You’ve been on an incredible journey! Thanks for sharing your year with us. 🙂

  4. I totally enjoyed your year. Yours was one email I always read, end to end. I look forward to whatever you do next. Thank you for sharing so magnificently!

  5. Deb Morrow Palmer

    I can not thank you enough for the incredible experience I have had through your blogs. I have loved them all! I hold precious in my heart and thoughts my favorite people from these blogs. I am thankful there is a program such as Heifer and love that they also find programs to partner with in order to bring more help to these areas of the world. I have learned so much from you this year. Thank you just doesn’t cover my exact feeling, but THANK YOU!!!

  6. thenextthird

    Your photos tell the story so well. When’s the calendar coming out?

  7. I remember when your blog What Gives 365 ended I thought, what could Betty possibly do to top that? Well, you showed us!! Amazing journey across the world. You’ve taught us so much.

    • Thanks SO much for your love & support throughout this year of exploration EOSR! I am so happy that our blogs have brought us together — just amazing!!!

  8. It’s been an absolutely amazing journey, Betty! Thank you for the creative genius you possess which enabled you to share Heifer’s awesome work around the world!

    Tamara Nash

    • I don’t know about genius — but it was really impossible NOT to be inspired by the incredible people I was blessed to meet this year. Honestly, it was my great honor to be able to tell their stories!!!

  9. Nancy

    Thanks for taking us along on this magical ride.

  10. Diane Gunvalson

    Your posts have been a regular source of inspiration and a reflection of your genuine love of humanity in all its corners of the world and all its rainbow of colors.

  11. Congrats Betty! It’s been a pleasure to follow your posts and learn a bit more about the cultures of the world along the way. I’m happy I found your blog. Can we expect a 13×13 in the year to come? 🙂

    • Oh, in my dreams there will be a 13 x 13, FF — but I think I need to come back down to earth for at least a little bit! So enjoyed your comments and YOUR writing! Thanks a million …. b

  12. Wonderful!! Congratulations, you did it. Now I feel very special to have come on board from the beginning so to speak. I thought for sure I’d missed out on so much going on in the world, but hey, anytime is a good time to come on board. I will be donating some $$ this month and mostly, well, all because of you. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas!

    • Thanks Kim!! I feel like we’re old friends now and I’m so happy you followed me all year! 5 more posts on Ecuador to go … so don’t give up yet!!! And THANKS for the contributions to Heifer — it really means so much!

  13. Jeff

    The year has flown by, but both Andrew and I have enjoyed following every step of your journey, feeling as if we were there with you due to your beautiful photos and words, which really captured the spirit and perseverence of the people you met around the globe. You certainly have broadened our view of the world, and we thank you for including us on your journey. Much love, Jeff and Andrew

    • Jeffrey — I love thinking that you & Andrew have been reading my blog(s) — it means so much to me, and I am honored to be able to share these stories with you. I know you both have big hearts for giving and such compassion — and so many beautiful people around the world need that from us! All the happiest of holidays, darling friends….xoxox b

  14. Martha Radatz

    Oh, those beautiful faces! How I have enjoyed the ride! I hate to think we only have one country left…

    • Oh, but Ecuador was SUCH a big, beautiful ending — can’t wait to write about it!! THANKS for all your thoughtful comments and your big heart for Heifer!!

  15. Deb Harris

    I agree with Martha! It has been such a blessing to read about the work Heifer is doing. I have loved every one of your posts. The people are so beautiful I wish I could have met them all, but reading about their courage in your blog is second best!

    • I’m so happy that you felt as if I brought Heifer’s work and all its beautiful people to life — that’s the best compliment I could get!! Thank YOU , Deb!!

  16. Kitty Farnham

    Thank you, Betty. You have taken me on an amazing journey this year, sharing your personal experiences and insights and your confidence that we can make a difference in the lives of individuals around the world. And your photos said as much (perhaps even more) than words alone could say. A wonderful gift. Thank you. Kitty

  17. eric

    Thanks for the outstanding job of 2012, how about next project next year

  18. Anahit

    Happy Betty’s Blog’s Day!!! Hurrahhhh!!!!

    Sent from my iPhone

  19. I’ve enjoyed following your adventures for the past year…seeing some of the world through your eyes and for such a great cause! Thanks Betty!! Happy Holidays!! (Hugs)

  20. Anonymous

    What life changing experiences for you this year and for us as well- you are a wonderful photographer and story teller- keeping the words short and to the point. I certainly will be donating to Heifer this Christmas and hopefully you have spurred your many readers to do the same.

    Louise Berry
    Monterey CA

    • Thanks, Louise – as they say, brevity is the soul of …something! Lovely to get to know you & thanks so much for following … stay tuned for Ecuador!!!

  21. Humanity is now capable of eliminating poverty in the world, if we only have the will to do so. You’ve narrated and illustrated what this transformational change looks like. Your many talents and huge heart have been a gift to us all.

  22. Thank you, Betty, for bringing the challenges, triumphs and humanity of these people from all over the planet into my heart and inbox. I’ve loved your posts and perspective and will miss them. I’ve especially enjoyed learning more about how Heifer operates. You deserve a rest…

    • I need a rest, Chris … but after two weeks, I’ll be so sad not to be going somewhere new & amazing … what an opportunity to see the world I’ve had! And YOU … Miss African Library Project … were one of my first inspirations! I just love your organization and how you’ve committed to giving back to the communities in Africa that you care so much about ! Heifer has been so great to see in action ..
      THANKS for coming along!!

  23. What an awe inspiring journey you have taken us all on! You’ve brought the truth of the human Spirit into our hearts and I have loved each and every one of your posts and fabulous photographs!
    You took on a task that few would envision let alone have the stamina to carry out and with such
    humility and grace. I have learned so much from your experiences, I now feel a real connection to so many cultures I truly had no idea of. This gargantuan task of yours has done wonders in contributing to unity consciousness – BRAVO, my hero, BRAVO!

    • Joy — YOU have always been an inspiration to me, ever since our glorious days in college, and I’m so happy I could bring something powerful & precious into your life from my global travels! What a year!! I’ve still got Ecuador to write .. but wow, cannot wait to get together with you in person so we can walk & talk & share all the stuff we’ve been thru since we last saw each other… THANK you for this wonderful note!

    • Superbly ilmltinauing data here, thanks!

  24. Oh, Betty, thanks so much for sharing your incredible year with us. I’ve loved every moment!

    • Kathryn — it’s not quite over yet! I’m so happy to have met you in this blogging journey — I’m coming up to Kentucky to meet you in person next year — and that’s a promise!!!

  25. Anonymous

    Thank you, Betty, for opening the world for your readers!

  26. Oh no!! I look forward to not only reading but seeing all the beautiful faces in your entries – you’ve opened a lot of eyes – thank you!!!

  27. You are SO welcome, Ivette — and believe me — I’m going to get you to Africa yet!! ( :
    I have so loved all your comments over this year, and every time I look at my logo, I think of your dazzling daughter and smile!!!

  28. Wow when are you headed home? What’s next?

  29. Felicitations on your anniversary dear friend. I salute your stamina.

    I can’t imagine how you were able to choose just one photo from each country. As I looked at the portraits I knew most of them and their stories because of your skill as a story-teller.

    • What a great tribute, Rosie! When I started this blog, my deepest desire was to tell the stories of the people whose lives Heifer is touching and improving — so I thrilled that they have a place in your heart and you remember!! Thanks for being such a faithful reader!

  30. Patti Ross

    For anyone who has every come in contact with the energy and creativity of Betty Londergan, we are the lucky ones. I’d like to suggest that all of us who have followed Betty might want to recommend to any of our friends and colleagues who need a boost, an incentive or a reality check in 2013. This might just be a remedy to help them get balanced, seek new adventures or tackle something they think is hard. Watching Betty at work is watching someone work really hard, and look at how we all benefitted from that hard work. Way to go girl!!!! Much love, Patti

  31. Patti — you were the PERFECT travel companion and I loved being with you in Malawi and seeing the country and its beautiful people AND the Heifer projects thru your eyes. I am grateful to you for recommending my blog, and I do think it’s a great way to get some new perspective, balance and grace in life — it sure has worked that way for me!! Love you back, walking friend of mine — xooxox b

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