2 thoughts on “DAWN

  1. Love your blog and stories of life on the ranch. My fmliay’s farm, Pasture Prime Family Farm, raises 100% grass fed beef on 500 acres in Sumerfield Florida, and I can relate to many of your stories. Keep them coming! We run into many challenges with our business, as we are direct to customer through our online website store, so it’s interesting to read your experience and compare it to our ranching model.

    • Thanks so much, Cwee — and congrats to you for raising grass-fed beef – specially in hot Florida! You might be interested in the Appalachian Heifer project, where they are supporting farmers in Appalachia whose beef usually is shipped out to the feed lots in the west to be fattened up before slaughter … if they can keep them on the farm and grass-feed them, it supports the local economy and produces better beef! SO happy you’re reading!!

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