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Ardent Armenia.

Inside the monastery at Geghard.

For over 1700 years, Armenia has been a Christian country.

A church destroyed by the 1988 earthquake in Mets Sariar.

The Armenian Apostolic Church traces its origins all the way back to the missions of Apostles Bartholomew and Thaddeus in the 1st century.

Its religious culture informs and infuses every aspect of Armenia’s tortured history, and explains the isolation and vulnerability of this small country straddling Europe and Asia.

Khachkars, or prayer stones were places to worship when churches were inaccessible.

There is no better way (besides eating) to experience the unique character and enduring tenacity of Armenia than to visit its churches and monasteries.

The treacherous steps at Noravank remind Armenians that it’s difficult to go up to God, but harder to move away from Him.

A baptismal font.

I’m leaving beautiful Armenia with images I’ll never forget.

Next stop, Cambodia and Vietnam!!

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