Never can say goodbye…

Non-readers, rejoice!

A few of my favorite photos of Peru, virtually unencumbered by any stories or text….

Every terrace was built by Incan hands, hundreds of years ago.

At 14,000 feet, in wind, rain and cold, the Yanqui sandal is made of tire strips and is the only foot-covering Highlands people wear.

Even the boys are fancy ...

Lunch is served.

Three generations of strong women.

And a true gift for giving.

If you want to thank the people who made this trip possible, show some love with a donation to Heifer Peru.

Muchas gracias, mis amigos...

OR.. try this groovy idea on for size: Buy a Sevenly t-shirt & $7 will be donated to Heifer Haiti (which I also LOVE). Next stop: China & Nepal…. stay tuned!!

Todo mi amor, Peru!


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22 thoughts on “Never can say goodbye…

  1. You’re doing great …. keep it up.
    All the best and take care

  2. Love the photos, Betty.

    Couldn’t help but notice the price tag left on the drinking glass. This inclination to leave items labeled seems nearly universal in the developing world–wanting to demonstate its newness. How sweet that you as a guest was honored with that glass. That detail is touching.

    Can’t wait to read about China and Nepal.


    • Boy, YOU are observant, Kathryn!! (that’s what makes you such a good writer) … I’m so glad you liked that photo in particular, as it was such a huge feast they put out for us, all from their organic gardens!!
      I can’t wait to start posting on China/Nepal… what a trip!! Really appreciate your comment, honey pie, b

  3. Great pictures!

  4. Lovely photos Betty! ❤

  5. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. On to China and Nepal!

  6. Can I go? 🙂

  7. Jeff

    What a beautiful visual summary of your time in Peru. Although I may not comment often, I am living vicariously through your travels and tales, and proud of all that you are doing. xoxo

    • Darling Jeff, Just knowing you are reading makes it worth doing my best to bring these journeys and people to life … love you, miss you!!!

  8. Martha Radatz

    Love the 3 generations of women portrait! This was a beautiful way to say good-bye to Perú. Looking forward to China & Nepal!

    • Aren’t they incredible?? The youngest is a promoter, meaning that she travels all around her region, teaching other people what she’s learned about alpaca raising & agriculture through the Heifer trainings and she wants to become a vet. (Those are also her feet in the photo — don’t you love the girly flowers applied to the rubber to fancy them up??)

  9. teresa hart


    teresa hart

  10. Thanks so much for your enthusiasm, Teresa — really appreciate it!!

  11. I love these photos Betty!! I’m leaving tomorrow for Africa…so I’ll try to keep up with your posts!!

  12. Betty, didn’t notice the terraces till you pointed them out. What determination and resilience ! Your photos are wonderful. Safe travels. Onward to China …

  13. Love all the photos Betty. I’d love to know the history of why they wear those amazing colorful hats that look like table cloths on their heads.
    How can the Highland people wear those sandals without socks all year round? Sheesh.

  14. Loving this blog. You have a great eye for the simple beauties. And your itinerary for the year is perfect – a lot of places I hope to one day go.

    The sandals made from tires are interesting. The Tarahumara of Mexico do the same thing. I bet they’re actually more comfortable and functionable than our made-in-China five-dollar flip-flops 😛

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