What I ate in Nepal.

Ginger, Tumeric and Cassava … yum!

After (not) eating all the exotic food in China, arriving in Nepal was like coming back to Normalsville.

In crazy, touristy Kathmandu you could find every possible iteration of American food, including cinnamon rolls and pastries galore. (Obviously the trekkers are carb-loading.)

It was fun to see identifiable fruit and the tiny baby bananas.

Vegetarian chili and Everest beer was my boring but satisfying transitional meal for a day or two.

Then it was onto a beautiful dal plate of curry, rice and lentils, which is a staple of real Nepalese food.

And some super yummy corn & bitter greens we ate for lunch on the porch with the women of Devitar Village.

But my favorite taste treat was in Shaktikhor, Chitwan in a snack shop where the owner whipped up a concoction of peas, potatoes, spices, and corn served on a piece of paper with a cardboard “spoon.”

I loved that the paper “plate” had writing on it. Now that’s recycling!

For 5 rupees (about 8 cents) it was spicy, hot, tangy, salty perfection. He sells about 100 a day and if I were in town his sales would probably double.

The last day we visited the Heifer Dairy Cooperative in Haraiya and met the women bringing in liters of water buffalo milk.

From there we went straight to pure yogurt heaven.

Namaste, folks… next food stop, Cameroon!!

Free range yogurt.

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17 thoughts on “What I ate in Nepal.

  1. See you in Cameroon!

  2. Jeff

    My mouth is watering after your tasty descriptions and enticing photos of the food you are enjoying in Nepal. You are one lucky and blessed woman, as are all the villagers and people who meet you during your travels. I am living vicariously through your amazing journey this year, and hope that you always remember to have an extra bite or drink for me!! xoxo

  3. Cindie

    Thanks, Betty, for “spicing up” your blogs with stories about food. The one from Nepal was especially interesting. Also, after five months, I still look forward to receiving the blogs because they are unceasingly original and humorous!

  4. What impresses me time after time is the peaceful expressions on the faces of the people in your photographs. Maybe the simple life with few objects to own and care for is the answer…

  5. I’ve so enjoyed meeting you and all the fabulous people involved in Heifer that I have nominaated you for the Illuminating Blogger Award so that even more people will get to know about you and your travels!! http://foodstoriesblog.com/illuminating-blogger-award/

  6. When I start your Rss feed it appears to be to be a ton of junk, is the problem on my side?

  7. This looks yummy. And, gosh, I LOVE that paper plate! Happy Memorial Day, my friend.

  8. Martha Radatz

    Love the “plate” and “spoon” disposables!!

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  10. My mouth is watering. Looks delicious!! Is the corn-on-the-cob sweet or toothsome?

    • The corn on the cob is a MEAL — each kernel is like 1/4 pound … and it’s not sweet. It’s FILLING. but since the other “dish” was a 2 inch portion of bitter greens (delish!!) it wasn’t like I needed more … one cob was more than enough!

  11. It all looks so good, Betty. I just wish I wasn’t one of those annoying people who has to know exactly what’s in the food before I’ll eat it. Are you like that?

  12. BB — I am EXACTLY like that! I never plunge in but always ask — “Wow, this looks great! what IS it?” — just so i’m not sinking my teeth into sheep’s brain or soft intestines or any of the very pretty dishes I was served in China and didn’t eat. I’m the original Food Wimp so I never eat meat in my travels, or even dairy (i’m super lactose-intolerant although hopefully pretty tolerant of all other things) … and by the way, anytime I EVER hear of pro-biotics, I think of your “biotics” blog-rant and laugh.

  13. I’m old enough to remember when fish and chips were served wrapped in newspaper …

  14. Awww everything is so much like India..

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