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La Revedere, Romania!

Because I’m linguistically challenged, I managed to mangle quite a few Romanian words during my visit¬† there with Heifer. La revedere (or goodbye) was one of the worst, because invariably, I’d think I had a firm grasp on the word, only to lose my courage midway through and simply garble out something like “Lareverrrrrraaah.” So when I saw this sign as I was leaving the adorable town of Belin outside Brasov, I leapt at the chance to finally get the word right.

As this is my last post on Romania (I leave for Appalachia tomorrow), I’m feeling kind of sad — so I figured I’d bid you La Revedere with some of my favorite shots from this beautiful country.

The astonishing Turda Salt Mine, in operation since Roman times.

A Roma (or gypsy) family in a horse-drawn wagon.

Somewhat over-enthusiastic nursing.

Sheep’s wool in the barn.

A handmade greenhouse from cast-off glass panels that reminded me of Frank Gehry’s buildings.

Sweet Belin family, waiting for their new heifer from Danone, a partner with Heifer.

Aschileu pastoral.

Inside the salt mine.

Getting to know you …

Making hay while the sun shines.

The roofs of Cluj-Napoca.

Laura Voisinet, my great travel companion, in the orchard.

Green walnuts (used in a favorite jam)

To all my friends in Romania, la revedere .. and Appalachia, here I come!

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