La Revedere, Romania!

Because I’m linguistically challenged, I managed to mangle quite a few Romanian words during my visit  there with Heifer. La revedere (or goodbye) was one of the worst, because invariably, I’d think I had a firm grasp on the word, only to lose my courage midway through and simply garble out something like “Lareverrrrrraaah.” So when I saw this sign as I was leaving the adorable town of Belin outside Brasov, I leapt at the chance to finally get the word right.

As this is my last post on Romania (I leave for Appalachia tomorrow), I’m feeling kind of sad — so I figured I’d bid you La Revedere with some of my favorite shots from this beautiful country.

The astonishing Turda Salt Mine, in operation since Roman times.

A Roma (or gypsy) family in a horse-drawn wagon.

Somewhat over-enthusiastic nursing.

Sheep’s wool in the barn.

A handmade greenhouse from cast-off glass panels that reminded me of Frank Gehry’s buildings.

Sweet Belin family, waiting for their new heifer from Danone, a partner with Heifer.

Aschileu pastoral.

Inside the salt mine.

Getting to know you …

Making hay while the sun shines.

The roofs of Cluj-Napoca.

Laura Voisinet, my great travel companion, in the orchard.

Green walnuts (used in a favorite jam)

To all my friends in Romania, la revedere .. and Appalachia, here I come!

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26 thoughts on “La Revedere, Romania!

  1. Meredith

    Beautiful! I hope you get to return someday 🙂

  2. That final photo is precious! Where are you headed in Appalachia? That’s my neck of the planet!

    • Hi Kathy!! I’m going to be in Boone, NC — right next to Tennessee! I’m totally jazzed to actually be able to DRIVE somewhere!! Thanks a million for reading & yes, how about that duckling? What a fuzzball!

  3. Deb Morrow Palmer

    There is so much beauty in this world. To experience it on the level of these truly hard working country men is even better. I want a roof like the one in Cluj-Napoca!! Ha!! Architecture is another love of mine, especially the older areas in Europe and Asia! I also am curious where in Appalachia you are going. I went 4 or more yrs with our church to repair homes with A.S.P.

    • You’re such a giver AND a grower, Deb — I love that about you! I was madly in love with the roofs of Romania — how cool is all that detail? I thought it looked like witches’ hats — but in a good way! I’m going to Boone, NC — and I can’t WAIT! Happy summer days …. xoxoxo b

  4. Great stuff on the Romanian tour, Betty.

    • Thanks, Reverend — that country just stole my heart and I’m pretty worried about the political situation since I read a story about a lot of the unrest in Saturday’s NY Times … the people really deserve better!!

  5. Jeff

    As always Betty, your photos communicate as much as your insightful writing, and add such beauty and depth to your stories. Thanks for sharing this journey with all of us!

  6. Thanks for reading, Jeff — I always think of you reading and it delights me to know you are!!

  7. Martha Radatz

    Lovely! Thanks!

  8. Anonymous

    Every single one of your entries is a joy to read. I have passed on to others as well. Your spot-on photography is fabulous and makes your journeys come alive for all of us. You have very special talents and thank you for sharing yourself with us.
    Louise Berry
    Monterey CA

    • You are SO nice to write to me … Louise, I respect your perspective so much because I know you are a truly passionate giver and I’m so happy we’re connected. Stay tuned for the next 6 months!!! ( :

  9. I’m back from Seattle, and happy to catch up with you again. I expect your Appalachian posts to be amazing. And I’ve been to Boone!

  10. Nice to see you in the first photo! I also thought the roof looked like a witch’s hat, and loved the duckling but my fave was making hay while the sun shines.

    • Thanks, Rosie — I generally can’t stand photos of myself, but this one was SPECIAL. How cool are those roofs?? And yeah, when I saw the white horse, so patiently and beautifully poised against that green background … and the older guy with ALL that hay at the end of the day…. How gorgeous is Romania???

      • Betty did I mention that some of my family are Romanian? They survived the 2nd world war and Hitler’s Germany in Romania.

  11. Curious to see Appalachia and what Heifer is up to there.

  12. Beautiful photos – I love following your travels. Thanks for your work.

  13. What never fails to come through in all of your posts is the incredible variety of landscapes, both natural and manmade, and the basic humanity that we all share, and that can be seen shining in the faces of the people you’ve met. Your blog is a real education, Betty, and its value is immeasurable. Thank you, once again.

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