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Welcome to Guatemala!!

Travel is so exciting!

Can you see the P.M. mistake in this picture? Me neither.

For instance, this first trip of my Heifer 12 x 12 blog project started off the night before I left when (at 2 a.m. as I was still watering plants and folding laundry), I switched my husband’s i-phone alarm from 6 am to 6:40 so I could get a few more minutes of sleep. And then, when we woke up at 7:40 completely alarm-free , we had lots of exciting words between us before we even left for the airport for our 9:50 flight!

Exciting roads!

When we arrived in Guatemala City, we were met by the lovely Heifer Guatemala team of Vivian (who handles all logistics & communications and speaks beautiful English) and Byron, the country projects manager, who is an engaging, adorable guy and an admittedly cautious driver… which he proved on a 4-hour drive to Coban, a city in the mountains 120 miles from the airport.

Along the beautiful drive through Guatemala’s mountainous backbone, we stopped at an overlook behind a bar, so I could take a photo, and as I was snapping this very shot …

.. an overserved patron stepped out behind me and wasted copious amounts of hard-earned Gallo beer on the pavement about 2 inches from my feet. Precious memories…

And when we finally stopped for lunch in a classy restaurant, from across the crowded room I found myself mesmerized by the gaze of a small, dark stranger –and that was really exciting.

I’m telling you, this inaugural trip is starting off just beautifully … can’t wait to tell you about the cloud forest, campesinos and compost we encountered yesterday!! Stay tuned…

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