Lulu’s View.

I’m taking the photo, but they’re all looking at Lulu.

My daughter Lulu is a lulu. She’s 21, smart, sweet, street-savvy, beautiful, funny and kind. And I’m not taking credit for that. She came that way.

See what I mean?

I was totally jazzed about taking Lulu to Rwanda with me, because I wanted her to experience some of what I’ve been seeing and learning all year long on this amazing journey with Heifer.

But I was a little worried that it would be too emotionally intense or just too physically exhausting. (And of course, we hadn’t been getting along all that well for most of the summer.)

Turns out, I had nothing to worry about. Lulu was a complete trooper — she never complained about having to get up at 7 a.m. and be out in the countryside til 7 p.m., never seemed bored for a minute, and was polite and sweet with everyone (even me!).

I was so proud of her, and so happy she could share this experience with me.

These are her favorite photographs from Rwanda.

And here’s an English proverb she loves:

“The soul is healed by being with children.”

Hope we’ll be back soon!And now…. I’m off to Armenia!

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33 thoughts on “Lulu’s View.

  1. sarah

    What a great experience to have together. Lucky Lulu, and lucky Betty. Go girls!

  2. Deb morrow Palmer

    Children do heal the soul, young and old! Your daughter is as lucky to have you as you are to have her!! I with Lulu. Pictures of the children just melt my heart!! I have always said children make a person feel like the world should go on!!

    • that is so true .. and here in Armenia, where I am now, they say you live for your children… and they mean it! I guess children are our future … as Whitney Houston used to sing…

  3. I’ve always loved Lulu’s view.

  4. Alice Sperling

    What a beautiful life you have created for yourself and your family. I am in awe. Congratulations.

    • Oh, don’t be in awe – if you had seen us earlier in the summer, hollering about clothes on the floor and too many rules, you would have cashed in all your chips! BUT .. this was the redemptive trip, for sure. I’m so happy we got to do it together!!! xooxox b

  5. HomeworkAndHeels

    Heifer is such an amazing organization, and the experience you are getting to go through must be the most awesome of your life. You rock!

  6. I love that first photo…you can tell the children love her!

  7. Jean Are

    Thank you . . . to both you and Lulu.

  8. I think you can and should take credit for Lulu. After all, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree: You are “smart, sweet, street-savvy, beautiful, funny and kind.”

    Lulu, fabulous photos. Happy belated 21st.

    • Dearest EOSR … you know how much it means to be able to travel with your children
      when they get older … what a joy when it goes well and means something!! THANKS!! xoxoxo b

  9. Congratulations to Lulu for being such a trooper. Traveling in the African bush is not a Club Med vacation!

    It’s not easy photographing kids, but each and every one of these photos are works of art. My sincere congratulations to the photographer 🙂 If I had to choose one? Number 5 – the one you called “baby” just took my breath away.
    I love the way you always end the Africa posts with the kids running after the car.

    • You have such a great eye, Rosie — I LOVED that photo and the reason I called it “baby” was that she was a neighborhood girl (possibly a cousin) who was carrying around a newborn twin who somehow had made it to three months but was still really TINY … I wanted to get the baby on her back but it was too small .. and instead, we just ended up with this beautiful portrait of a loving big sister!
      xooxox b

  10. bj

    Might Lulu post at all any of her thoughts regarding the journey?

  11. eric

    Thanks for such a remarkable job you’ve done there, have a safe and pleasant trip

  12. Once again, gorgeous photos that really capture the feeling of that area (or at least what I imagine it to be!). So cool you could share that with your daughter; I can’t tell you how many times I see something in France and wish I could share it with my mom, who I know would be blown away by the charm and postcard-perfection.

    These voyages much be so eye-opening and transforming for you! I enjoy tagging along.

  13. Anonymous

    I look forward to every new post. Your photography has a voice of its own.

    • Thanks so much for that! I do think that pictures tell SO much of the story … and as a writer, that’s difficult for me to admit ( : … so I’m happy that you feel that somehow I’ve given you both perspectives!

  14. Oh my, I just wanted to reach into some of those photo’s and give a great big hug to those gorgeous children. Especially the second last photo of that sweet cherub baby.
    Love your work.

    • Thanks so much .. and what a gift that baby was .. the mom is HIV+ and she was still waiting to hear (god, can you imagine??) if her baby was infected. But I just knew that he was healthy and safe!!

  15. Just wonderful. Thanks for sharing

  16. There are enjoyable trips, and there are unforgettable trips. Lulu will remember that one for the rest of her life.

    Keep changing the world, Betty. And be safe.

    • Thanks, BB — it was simply amazing to be with Lulu on this journey and have her experience some of what I’ve been learning/loving/seeing all over the world. I felt the greatest joy being with her, and watching her heart literally expand, meeting all these people who are working so hard to make their lives — and their children’s lives — something better than a struggle for mere survival. I know your daughter went through a similar transition in her life in China … and how proud you were/are of her.
      Sometimes being a parent is so hard — it’s worth remembering the ineffably sweet times, too!!!

  17. Wonderful photos. She’s a chip off the ol’ block.

  18. Thank you for this nice pictures of my Rwanda. Please come back soonest. Remember you are always welcome!

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  20. We loved Rwanda and will be back as soon as we can … for sure!!!

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