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Getting girly wit’ it.

Never judge a person until you’ve walked in her shoes.

We interrupt the compelling, sensitive & fascinating tale of Betty in Armenia to bring you this breaking story:

Betty is going to Beverly Hills!

Specifically, to Heifer’s amazing celeb-filled fundraiser this Friday called Beyond Hunger to honor Mary Steenburgen and Ted Danson, both longtime donors to and advocates for the poor and hungry. What a great cause!! But let’s be honest…this is also star-gazing at its FINEST!

My fave!!

The evening will be hosted by Diane Lane, as well as Nina Jacobson, producer of “The Hunger Games”; Jane Fonda, Sheryl Crow, Bonnie Raitt and Tracey Ullman, with a live auction and live entertainment by Colbie Caillat. Other stars on the dinner committee include Ed Asner, Ashley Judd, Kirsten Dunst, Mia Farrow, Adrian Grenier, Patricia Heaton and David Hunt. Allison Janney, Anna Lappe, Amy Madigan and Ed Harris, Susan Sarandon and Keisha and Forest Whitaker are also part of the committee.

WOW… so of course you’re thinking: What is Betty going to wear? Those cargo pants and orange sweater that I’ve seen in every single country she’s been to?

Yep, that’s the outfit.

New improved BettyOh, ye of little faith! I actually have been on a three-day sprucing up campaign (yeah, it was like chopping thru a forest) and now have pretty nails and toes, genuine evening bags, awesome shoes, and seriously-considered outfits to wear for EVERY one of my occasions – as I am also going out to California for the fabulous CLASSY Awards, where I am the South Region Finalist for Volunteer of the Year for this blog– whoeeeeee!

Here’s the pile of fabulous clothes I will wear…(and no, I don’t pack like this for my Heifer trips)…And here are the list of the events on tap. Can you match them up?? (ha!!)

  1. Friday 9 am: CLASSY Symposium at the New Children’s Museum, San Diego
  2. Friday 6:30 pm: Heifer’s Beyond Hunger Event at the Montage Hotel, Beverly Hills
  3. Saturday 5 pm: CLASSY Awards Red Carpet & Finalists Announcement, San Diego Civic Theater
  4. Sunday – Los Angeles for an Oglethorpe University Alumni Event and possibly crashing the Emmy Awards

I am SO SO excited!! I promise to tweet and post photos from the above events …but most of all, THANK YOU for voting for me for the Classy Awards and being my ever-supportive, super awesome bloggy friends!!!

(And afterwards, I promise I will get back to the serious, wonderful story of Armenia!)

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