Getting girly wit’ it.

Never judge a person until you’ve walked in her shoes.

We interrupt the compelling, sensitive & fascinating tale of Betty in Armenia to bring you this breaking story:

Betty is going to Beverly Hills!

Specifically, to Heifer’s amazing celeb-filled fundraiser this Friday called Beyond Hunger to honor Mary Steenburgen and Ted Danson, both longtime donors to and advocates for the poor and hungry. What a great cause!! But let’s be honest…this is also star-gazing at its FINEST!

My fave!!

The evening will be hosted by Diane Lane, as well as Nina Jacobson, producer of “The Hunger Games”; Jane Fonda, Sheryl Crow, Bonnie Raitt and Tracey Ullman, with a live auction and live entertainment by Colbie Caillat. Other stars on the dinner committee include Ed Asner, Ashley Judd, Kirsten Dunst, Mia Farrow, Adrian Grenier, Patricia Heaton and David Hunt. Allison Janney, Anna Lappe, Amy Madigan and Ed Harris, Susan Sarandon and Keisha and Forest Whitaker are also part of the committee.

WOW… so of course you’re thinking: What is Betty going to wear? Those cargo pants and orange sweater that I’ve seen in every single country she’s been to?

Yep, that’s the outfit.

New improved BettyOh, ye of little faith! I actually have been on a three-day sprucing up campaign (yeah, it was like chopping thru a forest) and now have pretty nails and toes, genuine evening bags, awesome shoes, and seriously-considered outfits to wear for EVERY one of my occasions – as I am also going out to California for the fabulous CLASSY Awards, where I am the South Region Finalist for Volunteer of the Year for this blog– whoeeeeee!

Here’s the pile of fabulous clothes I will wear…(and no, I don’t pack like this for my Heifer trips)…And here are the list of the events on tap. Can you match them up?? (ha!!)

  1. Friday 9 am: CLASSY Symposium at the New Children’s Museum, San Diego
  2. Friday 6:30 pm: Heifer’s Beyond Hunger Event at the Montage Hotel, Beverly Hills
  3. Saturday 5 pm: CLASSY Awards Red Carpet & Finalists Announcement, San Diego Civic Theater
  4. Sunday – Los Angeles for an Oglethorpe University Alumni Event and possibly crashing the Emmy Awards

I am SO SO excited!! I promise to tweet and post photos from the above events …but most of all, THANK YOU for voting for me for the Classy Awards and being my ever-supportive, super awesome bloggy friends!!!

(And afterwards, I promise I will get back to the serious, wonderful story of Armenia!)

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54 thoughts on “Getting girly wit’ it.

  1. Oh, my goodness, Betty. Talk about versatile–you are proving your ability to go with the flow, no matter where it takes you! Have fun, and post often!

    • Going with the flow is not exactly my forte… more like paddling against the current .. but today I do feel like I’m in the Lazy River … and loving it!! Thanks for your constant support!!! xooxox b

  2. I just love the shoes!!! I knew there was a hidden reason I read your blog.

  3. Nancy

    OMG…you’ll be the hit of the events! LOVE the purple shoes and dress!

  4. I want a video Tweet of you walking (or even better, dancing) in those shoes! I am sure the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce thanks you for all your shopping!! Have a fabulous time and good luck!

    • I’ll see if Larry can do that — I did stimulate the economy in the last few days, that’s for sure! Thanks THANKS for the good wishes (and for telling me to post about it!!)

  5. Jean Are

    Enjoy! You deserve this.

  6. Barbara Bonner

    Fabulous!!! Enjoy every little minute.

  7. Judy

    Betty – So fine!! I am pulling for you to win the Classy award. With those shoes and all that bling, how can you lose. And Heifer’s Beyond Hunger event, quite the celebration! We at RRISA need to learn from Heifer, big time.

    • Oh, Judy — I’m not even thinking about winning. The other Volunteer finalists are really AWESOME — but I sure am glad to be here! The Heifer shindig is gonna be epic, though — and I think it’s the first time they’ve really gone for the big Hollywood donors, so …yay!!!

  8. You lucky duck – but you’ve created your luck – and you deserve the prize. Now please send the pictures!!! :0)

  9. Exciting! And let’s be honest — how many of those glamorous celebs could handle the intensity of your amazing expeditions across the globe? In fact, to remind them of this you should consider bringing a cow as one of your accessories for the evening. Represent, Betty! 🙂

    • Thanks, FF – represent I totally WILL … although to be fair, I know Susan Sarandon and Diane Lane have both been on Heifer journeys so perhaps they are a lot more hardy than we think!

      • Oops, sorry Susan and Diane–if you’re reading this, I hope you won’t be dissuaded from becoming French Frye fans. 🙂

        Enjoy this star-studding night Betty; maybe a blog post follow-up?

  10. Susannah

    Cool! Great celebrities for a great cause. Susan Sarandon is one of my favorites too!

  11. hip! HIP!! HOO-RAH!!!!
    we’ll be with you in spirit, Betty. Enjoy everything. Hope you’re taking Larry with you….

  12. Nice shoes dudette.

  13. Anonymous

    Yahoo! What fun! Wanna fly up to Monterey and take in the aquarium and stay with us to de stress after you win that fabulous award? Or even if you don’t.
    Daphne’s brother and sister in love, Louise and Peter.

  14. Jeff

    Betty, how much fun you’ll have. Nothing like attending galas in Beverly Hills and Hollywood. I’ll never forget the year I attended the Oscars. It was awesome. You deserve the accolades and parties after all the travel and hard work. Love the blog, but love you even more! xoxo

  15. Moskowitz, Sharon

    This was an awesome entry!! Loved all the fun pictures – you are such a movie star and proud I am in your entourage !!

    Sent from my IPhone please excuse autocorrect & type-o’s!
    Sharon 404-307-9378.

  16. Kevin

    The ever so beautifully beautiful Betty Londergan and of course the lovely LuLu !! Honestly, in cargo pants and that orange sweater you’d be dressed better than Diane Lane in whatever she wore !! I have to admit ever since I saw Diane Lane I’ve been a fan of Diane Lane. However, I believe and know that when God created Betty from inside out, He created the perfect internal bombshell !! Your heart, soul, mind, and body on its worst day is gorgeous !! I’m excited for all that you are experiencing and will experience !! Enjoy the fruits of your labor and the extra !! I’m rooting, reading, and ranting “Betty’s the BEST, Betty’s the BEST, Betty’s the BEST” Thank you for your encouragement, wisdom, enlightenment, and sharing your gifts !! It has INSPIRED me !! Thank you 😘

  17. Betty, I am seriously envious, but oh so proud and happy for you. You deserve every fabulous minute of this gala event. You’re a celebrity in your own right. I know you’ll do Heifer proud. Can’t wait to see the photos and hear the stories. Go out there and make them remember you!!

  18. Renita

    Yeah! So happy for you! Can’t wait to see all the fancy stuff and hear about your adventures..things may be wilder and crazier here than any place you have been this year…

    • Well, Renita — I love the contrast of being in the developing world, and then being in the overdeveloped world (and in California, that’s not hard to find) …. the world is a beautiful place, and I’m so happy I’ve gotten to see so much of it this year!! THANKS!

  19. have fun! I love the purple and orange….

    • That dress is from the best consignment shop I’ve ever found, in Petaluma, CA — and it’s so cute you cannot believe it! Good eye picking it out, ML …. and you’ve been on my mind since that accident in your neighborhood. Hope your kiddies are fine!!!

      • I think the kids are doing okay. Just wish they would catch the guy who did it…they have a description of the car (there are only 235 of them registered in the Seattle area) and the suspect, but no one has been arrested yet. ugh. Thanks for thinking of us!

  20. Ginger

    Love it all – award nomination (so deserving), shoes, scarves, dress, jewelry! Have a blast. Can’t wait to catch up. Fallon got the official offer today!



  21. amy

    Marvelous! Have you thought about a few more things from your travels? No, I’m not suggesting that you walk into the children’s museum with a pig on a leash–but it certainly would be a therapy animal. Have a super time. Amy

    • Amy, I only wish I could take a pig with me … but unfortunately (or fortunately for the animals) they don’t really let me near them. Instead, I’m taking my i-phone camera to capture all the fun! (and my husband of course!)

  22. Rufina

    Congrats! Have an awesomely decadent girly time!! You deserve it!

  23. Didi

    Hi Girl…you earned every bit of this high-life adventure. Have a great time!

    • Didi — Larry is with me (of course) and he is SO jazzed to meet Diane Lane. I think I may have to drag him away by pure force .. he’s convinced since he looks like Richard Gere, she will swoon for him! Thanks for the good wishes, xoxox b

  24. Anonymous

    After trekking around the globe with Heifer, you deserve it, girl! I am very proud to be your book club friend and fan. Tell us all!

  25. Alice Sperling

    You are the definition of classy, and not only for those to die for shoes.

  26. Purple is my favorite color so just beautiful! I like the hair!

  27. Susan Smythe

    Betty – face it, we all need you to be a fly on the wall so we can live vicariously through all these wonderful events – and you put it all together so well! Please lots of photos, and good luck!!!!

  28. You SO DESERVE this award…AND the shoes! Can’t wait to bask in all the lavish and delicious details. Also can’t wait to see Larry tonight in SF. Tons of love and fingers crossed! d

  29. Those cargo pants and that orange sweater are the uniform of a real celebrity, Betty. I hope you had a great time — you’ve certainly earned some fun.

    • The most fun I have is on the road … when I really don’t much care what I look like (and I’m behind the camera where I belong!) You always make me laugh, BB!

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