Guatemala, January 2012.

The following faces have been brought to you by … you.

Haiti, February 2012.

You see, in 100,000 miles of travel to Heifer projects around the world this year, one thing has been utterly consistent.

Peru, March 2012.

People will take my hands, look in my eyes, and tell me to thank you.

China, April 2012.

Thank you for helping them to feed their children.

Nepal, April 2012.

…and send them to school…

Cameroon, May 2012.

….and stand with dignity…

Romania, June 2012.

…and have the chance to create a better life.

Appalachia, July 2012.

So this Thanksgiving, I’m bringing you their thanks.

Rwanda, August 2012.

Thanks for being so compassionate…

Armenia, September 2012

…for being so generous…

Cambodia, October 2012.

… and for your willingness to share your good fortune.

Vietnam, October 2012.

Look at the beautiful things you’ve done!

Malawi, November 2012.

Have a spectacular Thanksgiving weekend!

(And if you haven’t given to Heifer yet, I still love you ( : )

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45 thoughts on “Thanks4giving!

  1. Anonymous

    thanks, made me cry.


    • It made me cry, too — and I wrote it!! Just looking at the beautiful faces of the people I met and remembering how special each of them was … well, it totally choked me up!

  2. Anonymous

    What a gorgeous way to start my day – thank you! Happy Thanksgiving! Meg

  3. Susannah

    Very cool. Thanks!

  4. What beautiful faces ;photos from a woman with a real gift for really looking and seeing the beauty in all persons. I haven’t given yet, theres been so much need close by with Sandy etc. But I will. Thank you Betty.

    • I am just so happy you’re reading – and yes, there is always need somewhere and I know you have a BIG heart for giving! Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

  5. Beth

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! What a wonderful Thanksgiving message…not that we need to be thanked…but just to see the incredible diversity of our world!! LOVE!

    • Thanks, Beth!! And what I love the most is that with all the diversity in the outer garments and colors and cultures represented in the photos, the humanity of each of these people shines right through and touches me to the core! Happy Thanksgiving, darling friend ….

  6. Susan

    Betty – these are incredibly gorgeous pictures and images – you are the best!

  7. Reblogged this on Thirdeyemom and commented:
    I don’t normally reblog however this post is so incredibly beautiful that I couldn’t resist. Thank you Betty for sharing the world of Heifer and the lives that have been impacted. We have so much to be thankful for. -thirdeyemom

    • We do indeed have so much to be grateful for – and I am VERY grateful and honored that you would re-post this under your beautiful banner!!! Happy Thanksgiving to YOU!!

      • Thanks Betty! I truly LOVE your blog. It is so incredibly beautiful and I really wanted to share your post. It was perfect for the day! πŸ™‚

  8. Wow I think this is my favorite post you have shared to date! I have reblogged it as it has touched my heart so much that I had to share it and spread the smiles of the lives you and Heifer have touched.

  9. Nancy

    Beautiful faces from a beautiful soul. Like Pierre, it brought tears to my eyes. I love you, too!

  10. Thank YOU, Betty! I type this with tears of joy in my eyes, deeply appreciative for life’s numerous blessings. For the holidays this year I will make a donation to Heifer on behalf of my family and friends.

    • Thank you SO much, Tamara!! I feel so blessed this year in particular — for the abundance I’m so lucky to have, but most of all because I’ve had the opportunity this year to meet so many wonderful, hard-working, inspiring people and get to share their stories — I really am so happy they touched you, too, Miss T — HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

  11. BJ

    ..should the world ever decide to come to its’ senses it is quite evident where wholehearted support should be massively redirected

    • Helping smallholder farmers is an excellent place to start, I have to agree, BJ! Hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family and friends!

  12. I second Tamara, thank YOU for opening our eyes to so many parts of the world to be witness to people who heed help. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

  13. Whoa. Crying. Thank YOU, Betty, for opening our eyes and our hearts.

  14. What a beautiful Thanksgiving post dear Betty.
    Thank you for opening our eyes to the lives of these wonderful hard-working people who live in parts of the world we’d never normally hear about, but who are now able to feed and educate their children just through Heifer’s programs.

    100,000 miles? Wowza!!
    Because of you, all our “holiday” gifts are going to Heifer this year.

    • Oh that makes me SO happy to hear, Rosie — and I want you to know that your gifts will be SO powerful and SO welcome in the homes I’ve visited … it really does make a huge difference in the lives of the people who receive those animals!!! And when I wrote 100,000 miles I thought – that can’t be right, but of course … it’s an understatement! ha!! xoxooxox b

  15. Time to add Heifer to my list. Christmas seems like the right time to do that …

    Thanks Betty.

    • Thank YOU , Sybil for being such a wonderful reader — I’m so glad that Heifer has brought you into my life! Love your piquant point of view and vast sense of humor …always!!

  16. This follower thanks you and them right back. Keep it up, you’re making people’s lives better. And, in doing so, you are leading a life really worth living…

    • I do feel, Alessadro, that my purpose has never been clearer — and it has been my great privilege this year to give testimony to the dignity and beauty of the people I’ve met and who Heifer works for every day. I hope you have a beautiful holiday weekend!!!

  17. Visuals that celebrates a heart filled with love, hope and joy. Truly a happy Thanksgiving!

  18. Made me remember that once I too share simple moments like this in the Philippines. I may have less then but I was genuinely happy sharing a delicious instant noodles , local bread and lots of laughter with a bigger family.

    • Dear IT — It’s always worth remembering the things that truly make us happy and mean something to us .. and so rarely does it have to do with money or possessions. I’ve learned so much from my travels this year — and that certainly is at the top of the list. Happy Thanksgiving to you!!!

  19. So absolutely bee-u-tiful, Betty, thank you for bringing such joy and awareness to us. I never grow weary of receiving your emails, every one is unique and fresh and inspirational. We did our Hanukkah shopping at Heifer πŸ™‚

  20. Hey Meredith — that’s spectacular news!! Did you know there is a big Heifer for Hannukah catalog/movement?? I love that so much! I really appreciate your comment!!! Happy T-days!!

  21. Greetings from Seoul Korea, I am so thankful you are in all these people’s lives and that I can call you a friend. I am also honored to be heifer hero!

  22. Jean Are

    Thank you, Betty, for this lovely Thanksgiving gift. It is good to be reminded of all our beautiful family members from around the world.

  23. Anonymous

    Your photography is gorgeous!

  24. Martha Radatz

    Oh, I loved this! What beautiful faces!

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