10 Small Reasons to Make Heifer your Valentine.

Flowers will die,

Chocolates can fatten,

But a gift to Heifer

Is never forgotten.

If you want to give your kids a fantastic Valentine — read this great article by Ellen Padnos about the art of giving children a Heifer gift.

Or..if you want to ask for (or give) your beloved something really special, just click here and pick a cow, pig, goat, rabbit, bees or water buffalo as a symbol of your undying affection!

You can even download one of my photos and make the card yourself – to remember the real children you’re helping when you give to Heifer. (These darling ones are from Guatemala.)

With lots of love & thanks,


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11 thoughts on “10 Small Reasons to Make Heifer your Valentine.

  1. Ginger O'Neill


    Who could resist their pure sweet smiles and there wouldn’t be more grateful receivers!



    • How adorable are they?? I remember each one so vividly … and just loved capturing their beautiful smiles on film! Happy V-Day, Ginger darling!!

  2. Didi

    Betty: Aren’t these children beautiful! My grandgirls gave Heifer gifts of chickens and ducks (by way of their Aunt Helen..my sister-in-law) at Christmas time and I’m forwarding your blog to Jen so she can share it with Mallory and Bebe and they can see exactly what they did.
    Guatemala looks so beautiful..the mountains and valleys…I loved the wonderful animal pictures yesterday…you take wonderful photos and are doing a great job.

  3. Thanks, Didi … and I’m hoping that everybody who’s given to Heifer, or received a Heifer gift, gets to see at least some of these photos so they can know some of the VERY REAL people they are helping, and what a huge difference an animal & the trainings make in the lives of these families.
    Guatemala IS very, very beautiful and I hope I’ve been able to capture some of that, as well as the incredible strength and loveliness of the people — but it is also a very poor country, and deeply afflicted by malnutrition. Which makes even the smallest gift something that can make a huge difference!
    THANKS for the comment, Didi!!

  4. laurie

    Woke up with problem SOLVED! Great way to expand the love. Thanks, Betty, we will pick our gift together, with no aggravating missed expectations. (Still? After 30 years?)

  5. Betty, What a wonderful Valentine’s gift! Since I have no “significant other” (and even if I DID) I can’t think of a better way to share my love! Beautiful children, beautiful hearts.

  6. This is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing, Betty!

  7. Love the brother and sister shot best, but they’re all wonderful.

    The Heifer folk must love you ! Are you having your Blog Posts carried by any newspapers ?

  8. Great idea and great photos!

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  10. I keep forgetting what’s important. Luckily, your blog is here, waiting to remind me. Thank you, Betty.

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