Aw, shucks!

Behind the camera (where I belong).

I’m not really a joiner, or to be more accurate — I’m not exactly a rule-follower, particularly of scantily-clad pyramid blog schemes. But I’m SO touched to be honored by Sherry, author of the really wonderful, vivid and beautifully photographed Fabulous 50s , I guess I need to do what’s required of recipients of the Versatile Blogging Award:

  • Make a post with a list of 15 nominated blogs (I really am a HUGE fan of these folks)

Simple Life of a Country Man’s Wife

Earth, Ocean, Sky Redux

Mostly Bright Ideas

Cindy Dyer’s Blog

Wondering Rose

Life in the Boomer Lane

Accidental Stepmom

Lost Art of Hitchhiking

Everywhere Once

Mike is Happy. Relatively

Slam Dunk

My own Stormy Petrel (hey, it’s my husband … and I love the way he writes, among other things)

Notes from Africa

Foodshed Planet

Big Happy Nothing

  • Inform the nominees that they are nominated — please consider yourself informed.
  • Share seven items about yourself that readers don’t already know:

Everybody knows more than enough about me, except maybe: 1. I’m ferociously competitive 2. I love poetry 3. I am a closet loner 4. I bite my fingernails 5. I’m subject to road rage 6. I make awesome soup 7. I’m a neurotic mom (is there any other kind?)

  • Thank the blogger who gave you this award: Sherry, thank you SO much!! (don’t ever do this again)

AND CONGRATULATIONS TO the stupendously talented, adorable, ADELE who scooped up 6 Grammys!


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30 thoughts on “Aw, shucks!

  1. Vivian Martinez

    Congratulations Betty! I must agree on this nomination as well, it is well deserved!

    Keep on writing and expressing that awsome sense of humor…

    • Thanks, Vivian! You were the best guide/translator ever — and how much fun was it that we got to laugh ourselves to sleep in that freezing back room in Quilinco — ah, memories!!

  2. Ginger O'Neill

    Hi Betty,

    Congrats and very exciting! Thanks for sharing the other blogs that are obviously noteworthy.

    Then again, some of us new a few of those bullet points of your personality and have experienced them first hand. πŸ™‚



  3. Oh, Betty, you shouldn’t have! Really. But I thank you and congratulate you. Your blog is AWESOME and you and it deserve all kinds of awards! Love the photo! Love Heifer 12 x12!


  4. Congratulations on the award!

  5. Betty…I promise I won’t ever do it again. I know how you feel! I feel honored that you decided to join in…thanks so much! From your devoted fan…Sherry!

  6. Dear Sherry — I adore you (and your blog Fabulous 50s) — but I think we’ve got a few too many of these awards flying around. However, I have to admit, it’s great for discovering wonderful other bloggers, and I AM hugely honored to be chosen and I thank you for that!!!

  7. Thank you so much, Betty! I could go on and on about how grateful I am to you, but I will just say thank you and let you know that your kindness has made my day brighter. And that’s hard to do with no sun as far as I can tell! Also, I love that you are highly competitive. I completely understand that. It doesn’t help us closet loners, does it? I’m picturing Monopoly pieces being thrown into the air slow motion-style right now, guests checking their watches, lol.

    Thank you again!

    PS. Always love a good public display of affection. πŸ™‚

    • Dear CMW — I am SO happy to recommend your blog to everybody — because who else could make marriage AND South Dakota look so perfectly wonderful and sincerely enviable?? Btw, have you been peeking in at our family reunions?? Monopoly is so dangerous with that crowd, it’s been permanently banned .. so I guess you could say I come honestly by my competitive “streak” (more like a stroke). It’s my pleasure to turn people on to your beautiful blog!

  8. Susan

    Congrats, much deserved. and yes, hard for us loners to accept any praise…

  9. Congrats Betty – I’m not at all surprised that you got picked! I’m so honoured to be on your list of favourite blogs and amongst this amazing group of bloggers. πŸ™‚

    • You are not only a consummate blogging pro, you’re also a prolific and amazing photographer, designer, AND theme-counselor … and I thank you SO much for that! LOVE your blog from the other side of the planet!!

  10. Anonymous

    Well deserved – I love reading your blog. I could add a few comments to the list of things that readers don’t know about you but we’ll leave that in the past!! Keep enjoying your travels and bringing us along with you. XXOO. Sue

    • Sue — you know ALL my secrets because you were my very first friend! Who knew when we were four in Niagara Falls that we’d be … this age … and still writing to each other?? I love LOVE that!! Thanks for writing (and I promise never to try to run you off the road!) xoxox b

  11. Betty! Thank yo so much! AND you made my day because I can actually “recycle” something right away on a Monday to kick off the week with a fast achievement! You know how I love to recycle πŸ™‚ I actually did this challenge once, baring my soul to the world–does it still count?

    • SURE it still counts … you get a pass from me, honey pie! Can’t wait to write my last blog from Guatemala for you … thought of you the entire time I was taking notes… check it out on Thursday!! xoxoxo b

  12. What a lovely surprise and an honor to find myself among such an esteemed group of bloggers. Muchas gracias Betty.

    Congratulations on your well deserved award. I love that photo of you. Do you know why the goat pen’s raised so high above the ground?
    I only knew one of your 7 things…

    • Hi Rosie! The goat pen is raised high off the ground so that it’s really easy to collect its manure (which is almost as valuable to the farmers as the animal itself).
      This goat is a really valuable breed that Heifer brought in to improve the local stock (which is about half the size) — and this is a gorgeous male stud. I have a close-up of the shot I was taking — which is SO beautiful! I’ll send it to you!
      You are my first and closest blogging friend, Rosie — always!! xoxoox b

  13. Sue McGrath

    Anonymous was me

  14. Congrats ! Isn’t this the third one you’ve received this week ?

    Love that song by Adele, but the video is overly busy, cutesy and choppy…otherwise, it’s perfect !

  15. I didn’t even look at the visuals of the video — sorry! But I could listen to that voice forever!!
    Thanks, Sybil …

  16. Betty, thank you so much for the VBA. As you know, being noticed by even a few in this vast world of blogging means a lot. We are so honored that you enjoy our blog enough to have nominated us.
    It may not be a Grammy (Yay Adele!!!) but in world, it might as well be πŸ™‚
    BTW, that was hard work, let’s hope no one ever nominates us again. πŸ™‚

    Happy Love day!!

    • I KNOW, right?? VBA is an award that is 1 part fun and 4 parts more work –and what’s that all about?? Sorry for doing it to you, but I DO love and admire your blog so much! Thanks for being good sports — and I promise I’ll never do it again (that’s for sure)

  17. Congratulations all around, and Happy Valentine’s Day.


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